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Physical Education

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GRADE 3 - 4
• Warm Up
• Locomotor Movement (K-4)
• Kindergarten
• Grade 1
• Grade 2
• Grade 3
• Grade 4
• Grade 5
• Grade 6
• Grade 7
• Grade 8
• Lesson Plan Outline

• Unit 1 - Throw & Catch
• Unit 2 - Gymnastics
• Unit 3 - Heart & Lungs
• Unit 4 - Basketball
• Unit 5 - Soccer
• Unit 6 - Fitness Fun
• Unit 7 - Volley & Strike
• Unit 8 - Burnball

• Lesson 1 thru 5

Unit: Burnball Time: 40 min Style: Mass-task
Lesson: 1-5 Station: Gymnasium Date: Monday thru Friday
Equipment: Laptop and 2 different bats, tennis ball, plate, four cones


Biological Psychological Social
The student will be able to (TSWBAT) move appropriately in the warm up in order to have a proper warm up that raises the heart rate, prepares the body for activity, and prevents injury.

TSWBAT feel an increased level of well-being due to increased level of physical activity.

TSWBAT run and move in coordination with a group of students and line up quickly to accomplish the task at hand.

TSWBAT appropriate push ups and crunches, since they have been practicing this at home with their homework.

TSWBAT run bases after a hit and practice to run full speed.  Each student should be able to run at least 10 times throughout the week.

TSWBAT try to bat a ball at least 10 times throughout the week.

TSWBAT help throw the ball to the burner at least 8 times.

TSWBAT try to catch the ball before hitting the ground at least 5 times.

TSWBAT know, understand, and apply the concept of social responsibility by grading themselves after the lesson.

TSWBAT know, understand, and apply the concept of student expectations throughout every situation in the gymnasium.

TSWBAT give examples of situations when the student expectations are applicable.

TSWBAT know, understand, and apply the concept of skipping, galloping, and other locomotor skills.

TSWBAT recollect where their personal seat is, and how it aids the student’s ability to follow the rules and to be team players.

TSWBAT explain that the locomotor skills are good for them as the movements will help them get faster and feel better.

TSWBAT reduce stress with physical activity, since increased physical activity increases blood circulation, which helps removal of glucocorticoids (a hormone that induce stress.)

TSWBAT to enhance their self-efficacy as the student can observe himself or herself being successful during the game of burnball.

TSWBAT feels that they belong in the class as much as everyone else by have equal rules for everyone.

TSWBAT feel that they are in control of their behavior by giving a grade of themselves at the end of the class. (1, 2, or 3)

TSWBAT feel enjoyment by being more successful due to an increased level of personal involvement through their grading.

TSWBAT practice being a leader by leading the warm up for the other students.

TSWBAT learn how to receive positive criticism in regards to what the other students think he or she did well and needs to improve on as a leader.

TSWBAT feel enjoyment and success through increased participation in all class activities.

TSWBAT feel enjoyment through increased level of success as well as increased level of personal involvement in their homework, which enhances their overall health.

TSWBAT feel an increased level of well-being due to increased level of physical activity.

TSWBAT promote teamwork and success among his or hers classmate through positive feedback and positive interaction that does not display any negative (i.e., hurtful) behavior.

TSWBAT enjoy the social aspect of burnball without collisions, since it offers the feeling of safety for the student. This will be addressed at the end of the lesson.

Lesson Objective Organization Cues
I. Warm up (3 min) Personal Spots Do your best.
I. CIRCUIT WORKOUT PROGRAM (13 min) (4th grade only) Circuit Training Do your best.
II. Locomotor Movement  (3 min) Between the white lines Do your best!
Your hard work gets you stronger and faster.
III. Burnball
• Safety
• Rules
• Batting
• Out fielding
• Base running
• Scoring
• Play Game

Personal Spots

Thorough rules for safety, batting and scoring. Regulary burnball games have high scores up in the 50s or higher.
IV. Play Burnball Outside if weather permits. Batting safety.
Ask students to keep score.
V. Self-Assessment (5 min) Personal Spots  1, 2, 3.